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Welcome to Greenville Community Shelters (GCS), Inc., compassionately providing shelter and supportive services for the homeless in Pitt County, North Carolina since January 1988.

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We Care Program

The We Care Program is held at the Greenville Community Shelter and is sponsored by Churches Outreach Network

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Stable Solutions

Project Stable Solutions is a permanent supportive housing program for homeless persons with disabilities. With a capacity of seven one-bedroom units, Project Stable solutions provides the financial assistance and case management support that individuals need to successfully maintain stable housing.

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Emergency Shelter

The Emergency Shelter provides homeless adults and families temporary shelter and meals. On-site programs, Shelter staff, and community volunteers help clients access resources for independent living.

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Solid Ground

Solid Ground provides structured apartment living for disabled homeless individuals and their families. The program offers stable, affordable housing options.

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Success Stories

Donald Woodcock

Donald Woodcock is originally from Greenville, NC but moved to Columbia, SC in 2004 to help with a family owned business.  After working in the auto parts industry for 8 years the business closed in 2012.  At that point Mr. Woodcock began receiving unemployment.  Unfortunately that ran out in December of 2012.
Looking for a fresh start Mr. Woodcock left everything behind and returned to Greenville on January 1, 2013.  With two duffle bags and very little savings to his name he checked into a local motel for a few nights.  With money running out and no prospects of work Mr. Woodcock had no choice but to live on the streets for nearly two weeks were he was forced to pan-handle for food.  The fresh start Mr. Woodcock had hoped for was not to come easily.
It wasn’t until January 13, 2013 when Mr. Woodcock moved into the …

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